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“Kisiel” jellies and puddings – new packaging

Friday December 10th, 2021

The packaging of traditional Celiko home desserts – puddings and “kisiel” jellies – has gained a new graphic design.

In recent months, we have been working intensively on the graphic refreshment of the packaging of our products in the dessert line. Systematically new images were given to more Celiko gluten-free “kisiel” jellies and puddings.

Our products in these categories are prepared according to traditional and proven recipes. For almost 40 years, we have been producing them from the highest quality ingredients, in accordance with the procedures that guarantee the declared composition of allergenic factors.

Features of Celiko puddings and “kisiel” jellies:

  • Gluten-free products
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • No sugar added
  • In the case of “kisiel” jellies – with fruit juice

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