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Mission and vision

The primary goal of our Company is to maintain high, stable, and safe in terms of health quality of our products as well as provide service that would satisfy our Customers and subsequently reinforce and develop the Company’s position on the market.

The Representative for Quality Management System is responsible for maintaining and proper functioning of the Safety Management System.

Company employees are required to make every effort in order to reach the set quality goals and make them a reality. The management staff supervises the efficiency of the Safety Management System, operating in accordance with the requirements set out in FSSC 22000 regulation – version 4.1 (facility no 2 & 3) and ISO 22000:2005 (facility no 1), through the systematic assessment of its operation obtained by means of internal audits and periodic reports.

Safety Management System at Celiko includes all identified fundamental and additional processes – all production process and all the manufactured products. The currently functioning Safety Management System,  operating in accordance with the requirements set out in FSSC 22000 regulation – version 4.1 (facility no 2 & 3) rand ISO 22000:2005 (facility no 1), is constantly being perfected.

The Kosher, HALAL and BIO standards are also carried out at the company.


Celiko was founded in 1982 and 100 % of the company capital is Polish. Since the beginning of its existence, it has been specializing and developing in the area of food products manufacturing, particularly dry food concentrates. The beginning of the company’s activity was a difficult pioneering production that required strict production regimes – the production of the full diet assortment for elimination diets, including Celiac disease.

Company’s further development headed towards the production of functional food, so called “healthy food”, based on natural supplements. This resulted in the establishment of a new company division in 1998, which focused on the production of natural food supplements.

The production of natural supplements is based on three technological lines:

  • Continuous production line for freeze-drying of fruit and vegetables;
  • Production division for natural food supplements in the form of powders, based on spray-drying technology;
  • Installation of powdered food supplements for pressure granulation.

Production process takes place in fully standardized conditions, on modern technological production lines and under the supervision of qualified staff, which guarantees high and stable product quality.

Adequate quality level of the products is the result of company’s consistent policy in the area, whose effect was the introduction and constant improvement of appropriate quality systems.




Zenon Kosicki, PhD

Zenon Kosicki, PhD was born in 1936 in the village of Dębe near Czarnków as one of 12 children. In order to provide for his family, he began working very early at the Szczecin Shipyards as a welder studying at a complementary high school at the same time.

In 1957 he began his studies at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. After completing his studies, he worked on numerous positions over the following 20 years. First, he worked at the Potato Processing Plant in Wronki and after that at the Central Laboratory of Potato Industry in Poznań. During that time he submitted and implemented 15 patents and authored over 60 scientific publications whose principal concern was the modification of starch.
In 1982 he opened his own production plant called “Celiko” where, as the first one in Poland, he developed recipes and manufactured gluten-free desserts and cakes for people suffering from the Celiac disease and low-protein products for those suffering from phenylketonuria. He created innovative technological lines for freeze-drying and the production of multi-flavored soluble teas and the instantizing of cocoa. His company, known for its concern for high quality, maintains commercial relations with numerous European food corporations. In 1972 he obtained the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences from the Faculty of Food Chemistry of Lodz University of Technology.
Dr. Kosicki, who died in 2006, was not only a magnificent researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur but also a person with extraordinary sensitivity to the needs of youth for whom he was an invaluable authority and friend. He organized sports tournaments, founded scholarships and awards. Next to prestigious titles of the Master of Technology and various state and sector recognitions, he was also awarded with the Jordan Medal.
In order to commemorate Dr. Zenon Krasicki and express gratitude for the longstanding support for the Olympics of Knowledge of Food and Nutrition, since 2007, every year the best contestant of the Olympics from the Wielkopolskie voivodship is given the prize bearing his name.




Privacy policy

1. General information

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