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Frupp – freeze-dried fruit bars

FRUPP is the first commercially available bar with fresh fruit.

It is produced through freeze-drying which is a very safe technique for the nutritious values contained in fruit and vegetables. The bar weighs 10 – 20 g and is available in six most liked and popular flavors:

  • strawberry (gluten-free product),
  • raspberry (gluten-free product),
  • sour cherry (gluten-free product),
  • apple (gluten-free product)

One FRUPP bar contains only 35-37 calories (88 calories in pineapple with dried fruit flavour), which is why it is a delicious alternative to high-calorie sweets and salty snacks.

FRUPP is a delicious and nutritious snack, being a rich source of dietary fiber and antioxidants. You can consume it as a supplement to muesli, yoghurt, or dessert, and make it into a delicious fruit smoothie. It tastes like icy sorbet when dissolved in water and frozen.


Do you want to learn more about our new product?

Please visit FRUPP’s page that we have prepared especially for our clients.




Sour cherry


Kids - Apple, Blueberry

Kids - Apple, Passion Fruit

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