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Jelly with agar

Jellies with agar from Celiko are a unique product on the polish market. They contain agar – a gelling agent of vegetable origin – instead of gelatine. Due to its ingredients, they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, people who use gluten-free diet or wanted to be fit.

Features of jelies with agar:

  • they quickly grow,
  • they do not contain gelatine,
  • they are great for desserts, cakes and jelly beans,
  • they are gluten-free.

Celiko’s jellies with agar in its ingredients contain isomaltulose, which is a carbohydrate less sweet than traditional sugar. It is completely digested and digestible. It supplies energy in the form of glucose for a long time. It is not spread by bacteria in the mouth and therefore promotes proper tooth mineralization.

Products are available in 45 g bags in two flavors:

  • strawberry taste,
  • pineapple-orange taste.

strawberry taste

pineapple-orange taste