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Celiko’s offer includes packages tailored to CATERING and VENDING.

For vending machines, we recommend products prepared for the specific requirements of this type of devices – teas, coffee creamer, cereal coffee, or hot chocolate.

Celiko beverages produced for vending machines have exceptional taste and aroma, good powder pouring properties, high resistance to contact with moisture and, at the same time, good solubility. Due to its quality and properties, our products for vending machines found recognition among consumers.

We have our own technological lab, which is why we are able to create a product for the individual needs of the customer.

The standard assortment includes:

  • Creolka beverage creamer in a 1000 g bag,
  • Hot chocolate in a 1000 g bag,
  • Lemon and raspberry tea in a 1000 g bag.


Hot chocolate