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Beautiful small girl tasting a chocolate cake
Preparation handmade chocolate candies, close up



CELIKO undertakes various recipe and technological studies within the production directions of our commercial offer.



We undertake to package in packaging offered in our commercial offer, with the possibility of negotiations as to the dimensions and weights.

We can package food products (powdered and granulated) in sachets weighing a few grams with the following dimensions: 6.5 cm x 9.0 cm and 6.5 cm x 12.0 cm. Then, they are packed into a carton. Such packaging is ideal for powder products whose weights range from a few to a dozen grams, such as: dietary supplements, instant drinks, and others.

We also have packing machines that allow to pack a given product in different types of packages, for example:
– doypack type bags (String),
– stabilo bags (String),
– stick type bags,
– sachets,
– cans,
– cartons,
– and PET jars.



We offer collaboration in the areas of:
– service product packaging in the above-described packages,
– full production of products according to the customer’s or our recipe and comprehensive packaging above-described packages.

You are welcome to contact us.