Budynie klasyczne Celiko – malinowy, jagodowy, czekoladowy.

Puddings are one of the most popular dairy desserts not only for the youngest gourmands! They are delicious in taste and have a velvety texture. We produce them according to traditional recipes, with the highest quality ingredients, in several proven flavors. They taste great when prepared on vegetable beverage. They are gluten-free products with no added sugar, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


For 40 years, Celiko has been producing delicious desserts – kissel jellies, puddings and jellies – according to traditional and proven recipes, following gluten-free production regimes.

The company's offer includes 5 flavors of pudding:

  • Pudding – vanilla taste
    (gluten-free product; license no. PL-064-006)
  • Pudding – cream taste
    (gluten-free product; license no. PL-064-001)
  • Pudding – chocolate taste
    (gluten-free product; license no. PL-064-004)
  • Pudding – raspberry taste
    (gluten-free product; license no. PL-064-003)
  • Pudding – blueberry taste
    (gluten-free product; license no. PL-064-005)